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PET 1 Term 2/ PET 1 2º Trimestre Close up

1. Dogs are used in airport security because they have an_______________
sense of smell.

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2. It can be_____________ for sick people to spend time with animals

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3. My brother is really keen_________all types of animals. He should become a vet.

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4. My dog Rusty came first in an agility competition last weekend. I’m so proud________him!

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5. A good friend should listen____________ you whenever you need him or her

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6. We don’t know why Harry and Ellen_____________, but they both look upset

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7. I think having a pet dog is similar________having a good friend. Do you agree?

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8. Jennifer enjoys going to school because she __________ with her classmates.

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9. The twins_________their Science teacher because he’s kind and inspiring.

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10. 1.Look out! That window________________ !

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11. That’s the family__________dog rescued the child.

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12. Paul! Sally! Stop being silly and______________ now. I don’t want you to argue about the laptop again!

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13. Lucy’s best friend didn’t come to her party. She really_________________her down

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14. I’ll never forget the way he_________ me down in front of my classmates

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15. You don’t always have to___________with your friends. It’s important to have your own opinion

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16. My sister_______________16 next month.

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17. Jack gets angry ________his younger brother when he uses his things without asking

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18. We’ve been tidying up for one hour now and I’m exhausted. Can we_______________ a break?

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19. I can’t play football______________. My ankle is still hurting. I’m going home!

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20. If I______________you, I would exercise more often.

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